Kite’s Nest Farm

KIte’s Nest Farm is managed in harmony with the environment to safeguard wildlife and future generations.

Our animals live in family groups with freedom to roam: grazing and browsing a wide variety of grasses, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees which allows them to choose what they feel they need for maximum health.
We believe that they are all individuals and treat them as such.

Their totally organic diet and stress free lives ensure that the meat we sell is the highest quality and as we only sell what we produce we can guarantee full traceability

We came here in 1980 and opened the farm retail shop soon after.

Our organic credentials and philosophy

Our customers come from far and wide: some for health reasons, some because of the superb taste and some because of their immense concern for animal welfare and some for all of those reasons. We even have regular vegetarian customers who feel the need to eat some meat and say they trust our welfare standards.
The farms’ wonderful wildlife is hugely important to us not only as a source of visual pleasure but as an indication of the health of the whole farming system.

Butterflies have long been regarded as ‘indicator species’ and scientists and conservationists worldwide recognise that if their numbers decline then human populations will suffer accordingly.

Our wildflower meadows have been buzzing and fluttering with many brilliant kinds of butterfly, moth, grasshopper, bee and numerous other creatures. Our wild bird species are fabulous too as are our large numbers of different trees.

Everything in life is connected and the way we treat our land and the creatures that share it with us has a definite impact which radiates out in all directions.

Where and how to buy our produce

Beef is available all year. Lamb for most of the time with hogget and mutton filling in the gaps when lamb is not available.

We also cure mutton to order to produce delicious ‘mutton ham’ and sometimes ‘mutton bacon’ and our wonderful, chemical free lambskins are cured by the only certified organic tannery in the country and are truly special. It is also possible to reserve a fleece which hand knitters find is a pleasure to work with.

We also grow bread-making wheat which we can stone grind to order: many of our customers choose to watch it being ground so they can take fresh flour home to make into delicious bread.

Organic potatoes are also part of what we have to offer in season.

The shop is open almost every day but we recommend that you text or email first to give us a rough idea of when you would like to come as we work outside on the farm all day but can come back to the shop at very short notice (5 minutes usually)

TEXT to 07789 062549 or EMAIL